Sounds and Kindness

Sounds and Kindness
February 28, 2015 guerilla 808

From G808:

(Originally posted on our Tumblr )

When you write and draw a webcomic about a rock band with super powers like I do for Atomsplit, as seen in the image above, and you’re also a fledgling banjo player, again, like myself you read a lot of music blogs. I don’t read just rock blogs. I read blogs on, listen to, and follow the lifestyle scenes of as many different styles of music as I can.I never know what can spark a story for Atomsplit’s next adventure. The idea could come from a song, a scene, a producer, a musician, or an incident. So I try to stay up on all the music news, feuds, and reviews.

This article on Boing Boing, Our Favorite Music Makes Us Nicer came out at the end of last year. It’s a synopsis of a longer article that you can read here. Basically what happened is some scientists let people play dictator and the dictators were to dole out money to the dirty proletariat represented as images on a computer screen. Some dictators got to listen to their own preferred “chill inducing” music, some listened to music they didn’t like, and finally, some listened to no music. The dictators who got to listen to their own preferred “chill inducing” music gave the unwashed masses more money than the other two sets of dictators.

 I could have solved this question for them in less than a minute because It is already a known fact to any human being who has ever listened to music that the music they like makes them much nicer and happier. Not only does listening to music you like make you nicer and happier, it also makes you more confident, more inspired, more energetic, etc. etc. 

On the flip side of the coin there is music we don’t like. We can’t stand it. It hurts our head, makes us nervous, and makes us grind our teeth. We hate it, and funnily enough, that same music we can’t stand is someone else’s favorite jam. If I listened to music I hated I would definitely not give out more money than I would have if I listened to music I liked.

Music is one of the most if not the most powerful art forms around. Music has produced lifestyle choices, political movements, cultural changes, and even revolutions

I don’t understand what the point of this test was. It’s known early on in life to everyone that if you listen to music you like you’re whole being is better off. Anyway, there are other questions out there I’m more concerned with such as WHY does music we like make us nicer, why is music so powerful, and why does the same music affect different people in different ways. That’s what I want to do with Atomsplit, explore questions like that, and have a ton of superhero fun along the way.