A Musical Invasion

A Musical Invasion
January 23, 2015 guerilla 808

A Musical Invasion

Swedish_Invasionby G808

There is an invasion of the world going on. Did you know? Are you scared? Don’t be because it is an invasion of awesomeness and you should embrace it! Well, you should if you like awesomeness that is. So, who are these invaders anyway? Well, they come from a long pedigree of invaders actually, the people from the lands of the ice and snow.

They are the Swedes. Sweden is the third largest music producer in the world behind the U.S. and the U.K. and some of your favorite bands or performers may be Swedish and you didn’t know it. Let’s take a look!

Like any good invasion you need to send out scouts. In the 70s the Swedes sent out ABBA and they found that they could compete with the New World’s music. Then they sent the band Europe and that was also a success. Then in the 80s Roxette came and they were followed by Ace Of Base and The Cardigans in the 90s.

After all of these successful scouting missions the invaders decided it was time for the full on invasion in the 00s and it hasn’t stopped yet. There are EDM and Electropop performers like Robyn, Avicii, Swedish House Mafia, Fever Ray, Lykke Li, Little Dragon, Tove Lo, Icona Pop, Elliphant, The Knife, and Tove Stryke. There are the rockers like The Concept, The Hives, Shout Out Louds. There are even the country twangers like one of my favorite Swedish bands First Aid Kit. Even their cousins from neighboring Scandinavian countries make incredible music like Bjork and Sigur Ros from Iceland, and Royksopp from Norway. That’s a lot of bands and those are the only ones I know of! I’m sure there are many more out there.

These people from the lands of the ice and snow are indeed no strangers to invasion their ancestors, the Vikings, were experts at it, but as the Viking invasions were all about death, destruction, and looting this new invasion is the complete opposite. This invasion is about awesomeness and the giving of great music to the world and unlike a Viking invasion I hope it lasts a long long time!