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AC/DC’s Sonic Supremacy

AC/DC’s Sonic Supremacy
December 27, 2014 guerilla 808

AC/DC’s Sonic Supremacy


I think I have stated once or twice that I’m a big AC/DC fan so I was really excited that a new record was coming out this month. So I thought it would be cool to do a track by track review which will, as you may imagine, be quite biased.

The title track Rock Or Bust is a killer opener, despite the fact that no one uses the phrase “or bust” anymore, and sets the tone for the rest of the album. Next is Play Ball which is crazy awesome! I originally heard this on the American League playoff commercials and I went right to Youtube and watched the commercials a few more times just to hear new AC/DC. After this is Rock The Blues away. It’s a little more mellow than the first two, but hey, that’s how it goes when you have the blues, things get mellow until you rock them away. Next is Dogs Of War. This is the the required tune about carnage and destruction every rock album needs. It’s followed by Rock N Roll Thunder which is much more of a groove down than the name implies, but still rocks hard enough all the same. After this is another groove down but this time the name, Hard Times, implies it and it has a sweet Angus solo to mix it up before returning to the groove and a solo to cap it off at the end. Next is Baptism By Fire a hard rocker that picks the record back up. After that is Rock The House which is a slow boil until Angus melts your face off with some sweet licks. Then there is Sweet Candy which is a tune for the ladies. Finally there is Emission Control. This also might be one for the ladies, but I think it might be speaking to the fact that nothing can hold back AC/DC’s sonic supremacy no matter how much they try.

So, that’s it. It’s short, but a new short AC/DC is better than no AC/DC.

If you got it too let us know what you thought of it too.