DragonCon 2014 Recap

DragonCon 2014 Recap
September 24, 2014 atomadmin

4 Long Days of Fun at DragonCon

It was grueling but fun again this year at the Americas Mart in Downtown Atlanta promoting Atomsplit at DragonCon 2014.

Four long days of explaining what Atomsplit is to people, getting folks to “make up a guitar solo” for a free download card, getting people to play our new interactive digital matching game, signing folks up to win an Ibanez Mikro guitar, signing up people on our mailing list while trying to take in all sights and sounds and the cosplay passers by.

Here’s the setup of the booth:

Here’s what the digital promo game looked like:

Here’s the highlight clip of guitar players:


Here’s Boba Fett guarding our aisle:

Here’s folks playing our digital game: