G808’s Top 5 Christmas Movies

G808’s Top 5 Christmas Movies
December 20, 2014 atomadmin

G808’s Top 5 Christmas Movies

At the end of the summer, for our Atomsplit newsletter, I made a top five favorite summer jams list so I thought I would make a top 5 favorite Christmas movies list.

5. The Nightmare Before Christmas Here is some quick math, Tim Burton + Halloween + claymation + singing + Christmas = absolutely awesome!

4. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation This movie is a hilarious favorite for my family during Christmas, although we have kind of burned it out lately. Chevy Chase is on point, but Randy Quaid steals the the show.

3. A Christmas Story There is a lot I like about this movie. The late forties early fifties time setting gives a very wholesome. Within that wholesomeness it takes every classic Christmas ritual and completely shreds it while at the same time being light hearted and humorous the whole time.

2. Gremlins Gremlins is an amazing movie as you well know and if you don’t know then you really should. One cute little Christmas gift gets completely out of control and the next thing you know the entire town of Kingston Falls is completely engulfed in Christmas chaos.

1. Die Hard Oh yeah! Just like a good eggnog you take some healthy doses of Christmas Eve, John Mclane, criminals/terrorists, mix it up, and that’s how Christmas is done! Yippee Ki Yay Mothertrucker!!!