The Star Wars Trailer?

The Star Wars Trailer?
December 13, 2014 atomadmin

RobotI’m almost certain anyone with an internet connected device has seen the new Star Wars preview. Of course before it was even one day old the same thing that happened that happens with every new Star Wars thing, the haters appeared. The haters are so funny. The haters think they own Star Wars and so when anyone does something new with their favorite piece of media they instantly begin to hate on it. I believe it is some sort of instinct they have developed over the past thirty years. As soon as a new piece of Star Wars media appears, like Pavlov’s dog, they immediately hate on it without giving it any sort of chance.

First they hated the black Storm Trooper.  This has been labeled, and in my opinion wrongly, as racism because it dosen’t matter what color the storm Trooper is the haters would hate them. Then they hated the new lightsaber. They hated it because it looks like a sword from earth. They even hated the new robot, or at least made fun of it. People called it a “Football” which I didn’t get for a minute, but then I realized they meant a soccer ball. Hmmm…

I agree with the robot.

I also love the robot, and the black storm trooper, the other storm troopers, and the girl on the machine, the lightsaber, the X-Wings, and especially the Millennium Falcon. The Millennium Falcon zooming into the scene, and doing new things as the Star Wars song started playing brought absolute joy to my heart and I loved it. I guess I’m admitting to anyone reading this then that I’m a Star Wars lover. Shocker! I know right, what’s wrong with me? To appreciate the hard work of thousands of people to bring magic and wonder into my life is just a horrible thing to do I guess, but I’ll happily double down on that. I love Jar Jar Binks, Anakin Skywalker, the creation of Darth Vader, and mainly just everything about the prequels and the originals. In fact, my all time favorite Star Wars movies are the ones where Yoda finally shows his stuff.

To all the Star Wars haters just keep hating. It won’t make any difference. Actually, you should try to stop hating and start making. Start making things the way you want them done, like George Lucas made things the way he wanted them done, and then you’ll be so busy making cool things you won’t have anymore room for hate, but just love and appreciation for Star Wars and all the other things like it that starts you on your making path..