The Mighty Simonson

The Mighty Simonson
October 30, 2017 atomadmin

Since Halloween and the opening of Thor: Ragnarok are so close together I thought it would be a good time for Atomsplit to do a little cosplaying again. The last time the bad cosplayed was last Halloween when they dressed up as the kids from Stranger Things. So…here they are dressed up as The Warriors Three & Lady Sif!

In the back is JT cosplaying as Volstagg The Lion Of Asgard, Then to your left is Colby as Hogun The Grim, to the right is D. Sazaster playing Fandral The Dashing, and up front is Gracie masquerading as The Lady Sif of course.

Thor has always been a favorite character of mine mainly because of the legendary 1980s run of Thor comics by Walt Simonson. He has such a bold and expressive style. I could look at it all day and some days as a kid I might have done just that.

The way I heard it was before he came aboard The Mighty Thor the title was in a big decline. No one really cared about Thor and so Stan Lee told Simonson he could draw it, write it, and generally have at it. I think that’s what made his The Mighty Thor so unique. He really cared about it because as writer and illustrator he put everything he had into it and made it incredibly fun and entertaining. That kind of freedom with someone else’s “brand” hardly ever happens and when it did happen in this case it was pure magic. Here is a great analysis about the Simonson years of The Mighty Thor on The Comics Cube that goes into detail on the little I have said here and so much more.

When it was time for Thor to get into the movie side of things Marvel wisely did what they did with their other movie titles and did not throw the baby out with the bath water. They took those much loved Simonson years and ran with it. Simonson even did his own story called Ragnarok and The Marvel Movie Twitter has a few shot by shot comparisons between it and the new movie coming out.

When I go see the movie soon I’ll be my current self going with my wife and I’ll be seeing the movie with my current eyes, but deep down the kid who looked at those comics all day long in the summers of the 1980s will be seeing it too and just like with the Avengers that kid will think this is just how I imagined this would look like in real life!