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Archive for February, 2015

  • Sounds and Kindness

    From G808: (Originally posted on our Tumblr ) When you write and draw a webcomic about a rock band with…

  • Inspired by the Savage Dragon

    Savage Tenacity From G808: In December of 2014 Erik Larsen’s Savage Dragon reached issue 200 and I find that absolutely…

  • How I Created the Battery Powers Artwork

    By G808: I posted a full article on our Tumblr site chronicling the full process I used to create the…

  • Have a Rockin’ Valentines

    Have a Rocking Valentines! DJD: There’s been some classic love and some classic anti-love songs written throughout the Atomsplit song…

  • KISS goes J-Pop?!

    By DJD: At the moment one of my life long favorite bands – KISS – has the number one single in…

  • The Sameness of Pop Country Songs

    By G808: Are you a country fan? If so have you seen this video project showing how every popular country…

  • I Bought a CD!

    By DJD: This week I did something I haven’t done in a LONG time. I bought a physical CD. Yep.…

  • How to Draw the Fantastic Four

    How to Draw the Fantastic Four By now I’m sure everyone has seen the new Fantastic Four preview that hit…