I Bought a CD!

I Bought a CD!
February 1, 2015 atomadmin


This week I did something I haven’t done in a LONG time. I bought a physical CD. Yep. A real product that I can hold in my hand, play in my car, and rip into my iTunes. Although I did get a CD for Christmas I haven’t purchased a physical one in like 10 years. I’ve only bought music digitally online. I think the resurgence of vinyl buzz got me actually wanting to OWN a physical musical product again, instead of just buying the download. But I didn’t buy the CD in the way used to… driving to Best Buy or a local indie shop and dealing with all that. I bought it from Amazon. A lot easier that way. And since I have Amazon Prime I got it in 2 days with free shipping.

I know vinyl is making a comeback. Will good old fashioned CDs make a comeback as well?

Oh yeah, almost forgot..the CD I bought was the deluxe edition 2CD reissue, remaster of 90s power pop legend Jellyfish’s album “Bellybutton”

And it sounds awesome!