Classic Rock?

Classic Rock?
October 31, 2014 guerilla 808

What IS Classic Rock (Really) ?

Have you ever been driving and you leaned down to switch to the Classic Rock station expecting to hear something you considered old and awesome, but instead heard a jam that you got brand new back when you were in High School and then it gradually came to you that the music you listened to in high school was now, dun dun dun, classic!?

WhatIsClassicRockWhen you realize this fact you rise up from the radio and look into the rear view mirror and you look at yourself and you will find one of two people staring back at you. The first is a weary eyed sad figure still stuck in 1995 kicking the same tunes they kicked in High School probably still on CD or Sirius XM and that is the person who realizes that 20 years of musical innovation, fun, and awesomeness have passed them by and yet still refuses to open up to new music or probably anything else new. But, there could the other person staring back at you. The person smiling, with a twinkle in their eye, and that person is thinking I love this song I knew it was just going to be a classic the first time I heard it.

I’ve been making classic calls like this the whole time.

I knew Nirvana was going to be classic, I knew Daft Punk was going to change the face of pop, and I know Tove Lo and Grimes will become pop divas someday.  Because, after all, classic just means a song that’s great from the time it was made until the end of time itself. Blue Suede Shoes, Light My Fire, Back In Black, Smells Like Teen Spirits, they’re all classics.

All just as good today as they were the time they were made in. So, who will you be when you turn that dial in twenty years?

The classics caller or the person who’s stuck in high school. I know who I want to be.

– G808