Weekly Words

Weekly Words
October 17, 2014 atomadmin

Weekly Words from G808 and DJD

(from the Oct. 17th eNewsletter)


So, if I have this U2 “fiasco” down correctly U2 first gives everyone with iTunes a free gift. However, there’s a lot of people out there in the world who for whatever reason somehow don’t like free things or gifts and got actually angry at Apple and U2 for giving them their free gift. This vitriol and hatred for the niceness of gift giving has finally led Bono to apologize for giving away the free gift.
You know, I get free music from a lot of different sources. We give away free music. Free music leads me to be  thankful for a few things such as technology, kindness, and art, and if I don’t like a free song I just delete it. I certainly don’t get angry and demand the musician apologize for giving their song away. So, you know, after thinking about it, and not even being a big U2 fan at all, I don’t think Bono or Apple are actually the ones the ones that really need to be apologizing in this situation.



I’m in the middle of reading Keith Richard’s autobiography (guitar player for the Rolling Stones as I’m sure you know) on my iPhone.  Yeah, my iPhone.  It’s a small screen sure, but it’s so much more convenient to read at anytime on it.  Sitting at a traffic light, lying in bed in the middle of the night with insomnia, standing in line at the grocery store, etc.  I highly recommend it.   Anyhow, I had been putting off reading his particular book b/c I figured I wouldn’t find it that interesting. Boy was I wrong. It’s both fascinating AND funny. Keith is a funny one for sure. I’m enjoying