2015 RPM Challenge = Achieved!

2015 RPM Challenge = Achieved!
March 10, 2015 atomadmin


From DJD:

It’s done.  10 songs written and recorded during the month of February. Whew!

It came down to the last day. To be expected.

And the “recording”, though fun, I’d consider “demo” quality.  A live vocal mic and my a mic on my Marshall JCM 800 1/2 stack piped into Garageband.

Here’s the Soundcloud embed of one of the tighter funner songs I called “Spanker”.

And here is a list of the songs I called “February’s Done!”.

1) Counting On You (Not Counting on Me)

2) Dogs On Ice

3) Hello Hell No

4) Mask My Desperation

5) Right Moves

6) Spanker

7) Surrounded by Weird

8) Sugarsmack

9) Well Played

10) Toes in the Sand

Maybe I’ll get the guts to post the audio to all these!