J.T. is the drummer for Atomsplit.

J.T. is a dreamer. Being a dreamer he is always in tune with the strangeness of the world that most people either don’t see or take for granted. This can either be a hindrance or a blessing to Atomsplit. J.T. is the drummer for Atomsplit.

When he’s not rocking out beats for Atomsplit he is usually wandering around taking in all the oddities of the world he can find or taking care of his vast ant farm collection. Like the rest of Atomsplit he was taught the power of the Divine Sound by Bobby Vandertramp.

As a drummer J.T. can use his power to send a short repetitive blasts of Divine Sound at his target. He can also drum on any object and eventually break it apart whether it’s a door to open it, the ground to cause an earth quake, or a mountain because it’s in his way.