Bass Guitar

Gracie is the bassist and backing vocalist for Atomsplit.

Gracie is a brilliant genius and independently wealthy. She uses these two assets to help and sometimes hinder Atomsplit with various zany creations. When she’s not rocking out with Atomsplit she is almost always in her lab cooking up her next crazy contraption be it the best sunny side up egg maker in the world, a time machine, or a new robot to make life easier.

Like the rest of Atomsplit she was taught the power of the Divine Sound by Bobby Vandertramp. As a bassist Gracie can use her power to dig deep and blast out energy that can travel through things for a great distance and then hit their target with extreme force and accuracy or she can just bust down anything in her path.

She has also learned to shape her Divine Sound power into tools that can help her with her inventions or anything else she needs a tool for.