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The ATOMSPLIT Drawing N' Rocking Podcast

The “Drawing n’ Rocking with ATOMSPLIT” Podcast


Atomsplit DrawinNRockinCast 21 – The 1% – Drawing Webcomic Page 115

After we discuss our latest media indulgences, we discuss how 1% of music artists sell 99% of the music. So why the heck do we do what we do? Also a classic live acoustic version of “Microstar” is played.

Atomsplit DrawinNRockinCast 20 – Novelty Bands – Drawing Webcomic Page 115

In this podcast we continue work on the Atomsplit webcomic page 115 – a big battle showdown scene. Our main topic of discussion is novelty bands. Is it cheating to play off nostalgia to get your band a big audience at comic conventions?

We talk about bands like The Cybertronic Spree, Mac Sabbath and Okelly Dokilly.

Before the novelty bands discussion we get caught up on G808’s move and our other misc. media updates.

AND we play Atomsplit’s cover of a certain piano man’s 80’s song about how someone may be right about someone being crazy!

Atomsplit DrawinNRockinCast 19 – Guitars from NAMM 2019 – Drawing Webcomic Page 115

In this Episode we talk about NAMM 2019 new Gibson offerings Fender’s new Acoustimass and Squire lines, Jimmy Page DragonFly Fender guitar model and more. We then get into DJD’s first guitar and bass and how he learned bass to join a band. And a live Atomsplit cover of The Cult’s “Wild Flower” is played.

Atomsplit DrawinNRockinCast 18 – Georgia Music Show – Drawing Webcomic Page 113

It’s our longest Podcast yet! After discussing Netflix’s Marvel series cancellations and the Bohemian Rhapsody movie, G808 says how he is listing to all the bands we are going to see this coming summer. Which leads into how DJD started out playing bass including Iron Maiden covers in his high school band. Finally we get to talking about our favorite Georgia bands. DJD talks about his favorite 90’s local Atlanta scene bands including Wild West Picture Show and Nillah. We play “Run You Down” from Wild West Picture Show and then “Westerberg High” from Nillah. Also covered is a discussion about the Black Crowes and how they potentially got their name. And a B52s cover band DJD was in the 90s. This one’s long, but it’s good!

Atomsplit DrawinNRockinCast 17 New Years 2019 Drawing Webcomic Page 114

Happy New Year 2019! Our first drawing video podcast of the year. We discuss the Bob Seger concert G808 attended, go over our artistic resolutions and then play the 2010 Atomsplit fan club New Years song “Resolutions 6Ft. Long”. A bit of a echo on DJD’s voice on the podcast, b/c G didn’t have his headset, but forgive us and enjoy anyways!

Atomsplit Drawing N’ Rockin #16 Holiday Special 2018 Drawing Webcomic Page 113

G808 works on webcomic page 113 while he and D discuss holiday rock songs and play 3 Atomsplit holiday songs: Toyland (a brand new cover), Master of Mistletoe (Dsaz Remix) and 2009’s “Hey Holiday”. It’s a good rocking holiday fest.

Atomsplit Drawing & Rocking #15: STAN LEE Tribute

We work on a tribute illustration while discussing the life and times of Stan Lee. We discuss how we first came to realize who Stan was, talk about our personal experiences with him, about his life, Stan’s history with artists rights and where he stood on that and more. We also play the Atomsplit song “OFF MY BACK”.