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Thoughts on Stuff from the Atomsplit Creators

  • Cursed Guitars Promo Clip

    Check out the cool motion graphics promo for Atomsplit and the Cursed Guitars book.

  • Atomsplit Tumblr Site

    We’re please to announce we’ve now begun posting our M-W-F comics on our new Tumblr page for easy RSS following.…

  • Con Report: Dragon Con 2013

    Day 1: Dragon Con starts for Atomsplit one day early because we have to meet up to set up the…

  • All The Amazing Atomsplit Rockers At Dragon Con 2013

    Check out all the awesome Dragon Con 2013 Atomsplit Rockers at Facebook: or G+: !!!

  • Welcome to our new site

    Pardon the digital dust as we work on transferring content from the old site to this new one.

  • Next Up: DragonCon!

    That’s right! We’ll again have our awesome feature booth at Atlanta’s DragonCon.

  • Set List #1 in Apple iBook format

    Did you know our collection of 2009-2010 – the first few years of Atomsplit webcomics is available in iBooks format?…