What’s This All About?

Imagine you are in band. Or maybe you are.
You practice hard. You sacrifice many things.
You give it your all.
When you get a gig you go out there and give it your best.
You ROCK.  And then… you Roll on.
To the next one. Do it all over again.
Never giving up. Until you’ve met your goals.
THAT’S what ATOMSPLIT is all about.

Our mentality is reflected in many artistic outputs.

The top two being our music – and – our ongoing comic book series adventures of a super powered indie rock band bearing our namesake “ATOMSPLIT”.

The band acquired their musical super powers after being discovered by a retired 70’s rock icon named Bobby Vandertramp.

Currently we are about to re-boot that origin story (with new artwork and back story additions) –  but if you can’t wait you can check our 2010 original version here.

Since they discovered their musical powers D. Sazster, JT, Gracie and Colby have been involved in many adventures. Including Atomsplit and the Cursed Guitars and Atomsplit and the Sonic Zombies.

As well as a lot of good old “band on the road” adventures in their “early days”.  We call these are “Old Wave” comics.


But how did you really get HERE?

It all started in the late 90s…

Atlanta-based punk-pop quartet Atomsplit was formed in 1996 by singer/guitarist Doug Davenport. Debuting a year later with a self-titled EP on Davenport’s own Living Room label, Atomsplit signed to Shuteye Records for their full-length 1999 follow-up, One Ton Suit.

Atomsplit’s last release as a psychical band was 2007’s EP “Chainsaw Baby”. After that release founder Doug Davenport transformed the band into a music based animated web series and ongoing web comic series.

Working with illustrator and writer Guerilla 808 on the visual aspect of the series,  Davenport currently writes, records and produces new Atomsplit music himself.