Atomsplit – The True Story

Atlanta-based punk-pop quartet Atomsplit was formed in 1996 by singer/guitarist Doug Davenport. Debuting a year later with a self-titled EP on Davenport’s own Living Room label, Atomsplit signed to Shuteye Records for their full-length 1999 follow-up, One Ton Suit.

Atomsplit’s last release as a psychical band was 2007’s EP “Chainsaw Baby”. After that release founder Doug Davenport transformed the band into a music based animated web series and ongoing web comic series.

Working with illustrator and writer Guerilla 808 on the visual aspect of the series,  Davenport currently writes, records and produces new Atomsplit music himself.

Davenport’s Vandertramp Records released “Sound Track”, a set of eight songs corresponding to the animated web series and DVD “Vandertramp Saga” in 2010. Atomsplit “VIII”, the bands 8th CD was released in early 2012.

The Atomsplit “Adventures in Band Beingness” web and motion comic series has been running online since 2009 at