“Adventures of a Super Powered Indie Rock Band”

Being in a band is fun. But it sure isn’t easy! (Even if you happen to have musical super powers)

Atomsplit knows ALL about it.

Welcome to the all-original music, comic strip and animation series featuring the adventures of an indie rock band called Atomsplit.


Follow the adventures with a new comic page posted here every Tuesday and Thursday as Atomsplit band members D.Sazster (lead singer), Colby (lead guitarist), Gracie (bass guitar) and JT (drums) get themselves in and out of all kinds of crazy situations. Sometimes their musical super powers come to the rescue, sometimes it’s just good old hard work, smarts and luck that solves their problems, and sometimes they just have to sit back and accept the trials and tribulations of being in a rock band. But in any case, it’s always a rocking good time.


Currently they’re involved in an adventure called “Atomsplit and the Sonic Zombies”. The band receives a message from the future that someone is going to win the national reality tv singing competition American Singing Superstar and turn the masses into “sonic zombies” – eventually leading to a future where all music is controlled by a governmental agency.  So they head out to LA with a plan to get to the villain before he or she can achieve this dastardly plan.  Check out the ongoing story with new pages published weekly here.



Atomsplit has been making rocking music for quite some time and has a long list of CD and EP releases to check out. The latest is a killer new EP called “Battery Powers.”  From the ultra catchy and fun new song “Gravity’ll Get You” off the VIII album, to the songs from the Sound Track album to the Vandertramp Saga like “Find Your Flair” and “The Thing is Love”, you’re sure to find Atomsplit’s brand of power pop rock contagious.



Just HOW did Atomsplit develop their musical super powers?  In the Atomsplit web animation web series “The Vandertramp Saga” the band is discovered by an old school rocker named Bobby Vandertramp who trains the young indie rockers to create and control the Divine Sound, a sound so strong and powerful it can do anything.But there are are some who don’t want Atomsplit to have access to such great powers. Big Music Records and Derwin Peevil to be exact. After Peevil’s attempt to sign Atomsplit to a record deal fails he releases an evil clone band on the world called Nucleus Smash. Things heat up and culminate in a massive battle of the bands concert to decide the fate of music across the world.

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