A “greatest hits” collection of new remix interpretations of 20 years of indie musician Atomsplit’s rock / power pop / punk songs. All redone in modern styles including Psytrance, Dubstep, Trap and Chiptune – from Dj’s and remixers all over the globe.

1) Millisent (Ptrance Mix)
2) So over You (Chipz Mix)
3) Tune in Toyko (Trapz Mix)
4) Gangway (Dsaz Mix)
5) Confession (Dance Feverz Mix)
6) The Ebb and the Flow (Dance Feverz Mix)
7) Americanized (Shake Me Mix)
8) Chainsaw (Smoothz Mix)
9) Up to You (Retrowavz Mix)
10) The Cartoon Show (Chipz Mix)
11) Gravity’ll Get Ya (Space Needlz Mix)
12) Battery Powers (Space Needlz Mix)
13) Naked and out There (Mmmx Mix)

Available on Spotify, iTunes, other Streaming and physical CD.

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All new takes on classic Atomsplit songs, plus a brand new one.