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Lead Vocals & Guitar

All his life disastrous things have happen to D. Sazaster, and yet, like a cat, he always seems to land on his feet from them. Hence the nickname the rest of Atomsplit gave him gave him.

D. Sazaster is the lead singer and guitarist for Atomsplit, but not necessarily the leader. When he’s not rocking out with Atomsplit he has spends a lot of the time meditating and relaxing because even if he does manage to come out clean from the things that happen to him he doesn’t like for them to happen in the first place and so tries to use his meditation and relaxation techniques to keep the bad energy away from him.

Like the rest of Atomsplit he was taught the power of the Divine Sound by Bobby Vandertramp. D. Sazaster can use his power as his name implies to pretty much destroy anything in his path. However, because of his interest in meditation and relaxation he can also use his power in various other ways like healing and making a protective shields.