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Thoughts on Stuff from the Atomsplit Creators

  • AC/DC’s Sonic Supremacy

    AC/DC’s Sonic Supremacy I think I have stated once or twice that I’m a big AC/DC fan so I was…

  • Master of Mistletoe

    It’s the holidays and it’s time to dust off the classic Atomsplit holiday song “Master of Mistletoe”, a rocking fun…

  • G808’s Top 5 Christmas Movies

    G808’s Top 5 Christmas Movies At the end of the summer, for our Atomsplit newsletter, I made a top five favorite…

  • The Star Wars Trailer?

    I’m almost certain anyone with an internet connected device has seen the new Star Wars preview. Of course before it…

  • ROCK! Wanted Dead or Alive!

    ROCK! Wanted Dead or Alive! For a few months now Gene Simmons has gone on the internet and promptly put…

  • To Swiftly Stream or Not to Stream?

    To Swiftly Stream or Not to Stream? A few weeks ago I wrote an article praising Taylor Swift for the…

  • Classic Rock?

    What IS Classic Rock (Really) ? Have you ever been driving and you leaned down to switch to the Classic…

  • Weekly Words

    Weekly Words from G808 and DJD (from the Oct. 17th eNewsletter) G808: So, if I have this U2 “fiasco” down…

  • At the Beach

    DJD here, and pleased to be writing this post from one of Florida’s most beautiful Gulf Coast Beaches. I’m here…

  • DragonCon 2014 Recap

    4 Long Days of Fun at DragonCon It was grueling but fun again this year at the Americas Mart in Downtown…